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Facebook. Airbnb. Slack. SpaceX and Tesla - to name some of the transformational startups. Need we say more? Startups may be small. But they go on to create ripples that can change people’s way of living. 


But for startups to follow their growth trajectory, there are some essential components that need to be in place. One such is branding. Branding is a key differentiator and a major reason why some startups are super successful. 


But there is a misconception around branding.
It is not just about ‘getting decked up before going to a party’. Rather, it is about creating a first, strong impression. It is important to create a positive perception of your business right at the beginning. At Gully Soda, we help young and small businesses get their brand identity right. 


Why us, then? We love listening to new ideas. Our everyday work revolves around new ideas. We like to build on ideas. We are here for your ideas. So if you have that itch in your brain, you know where you are headed to, next!


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